Virtual Training Support

COVID-19 is a Pandemic Worldwide.

Along with 'Stay at Home', W@H, and Home-schooling orders, everyone is STRESSED!

Here are some Tips and Strategies to manage your Stress & Anxiety:

  • Talk about it  and get support
  • Take frequent breaks throughout the day
  • Practice Deep Breathing and Relaxation Exercises
  • Stay hydrated with water 
  • Follow a healthier diet and minimize empty calories
  • Be realistic and optimistic in your daily routines
  • Create healthy boundaries around scheduled time for work and school-work
  • Get some form of physical exercise every day
  • Improve sleep with self-supporting bedtime routines
  • Schedule 'Fun-time' and be creative with activities
  • Connect socially - but at your comfort-level - don't feel obligated 
  • Focus on what's in your control and release the rest
  • Write down your anxious thoughts and then do '1' positive action to mitigate it
  • Recognize your resilient traits and past successes in overcoming challenging times

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