Diversity and Inclusion


In today's diverse workplaces, HR and leadership need to be aware of the challenges of creating an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance.  Diversity and Inclusion training needs to go beyond the usual  training classes.  

Our sensitivity training addresses the top issues such as bias, stereotypes, micro-aggressions and behavioral blindspots, through guided exercises and activities in a safe and non-threatening way.

Participants are challeged to acknowledge their own  unconscious biases and commit to specific action steps to create a more inclusive and respectful workplace.



Irma Guillen, HR Director; Tristar Group

"Diversity in the workplace is a growing variable that if not managed correctly can lead to less than productive work environment. Ellen's "Diversity” training identified employee attitudes and perceptions that are counterproductive, both personally and professionally, and introduced employee behaviors that can lead to better communication and relationships at work. Ultimately, Ellen's "Diversity" training reinforced our Company's efforts to create a more positive work environment where respect and positive  communication are the norm. Thank you, Ellen, for helping us convey this message in such a heartfelt and constructive manner!"      

Diversity and Inclusion

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