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Peace for all your Pieces


 Most of us are trying to juggle all the ‘Pieces of our Lives’ without them Crashing and Burning to the ground!

Work – and all our Projects

Home – and all those Projects

Kids – and all their Projects

How do we do it without losing our Cool, losing our Calm, losing our Sanity?  Without losing our Jobs!

In this light-hearted program, Ellen teaches you how to focus on realigning yourself to your values and priorities, and let go of the rest.

 Inner-Calm equals Outer-Control and ‘Peace for all your Pieces’.

This is the perfect program for the overworked and stressed workplace !

GULP: Go Big – Go Bold


 Is your company playing it Safe? Is your staff afraid to take Risks? Are you ‘Gulping’ to do something Big & Bold but instead doing ‘Business as Usual’?

Success is no longer defined by doing more of what you did last year. It’s doing things Differently. Innovation, Engagement, and Collaboration can only happen when companies get out of their Comfort Zones.

In this experiential program, Ellen will lead your organization and teams through a game-board designed to open their minds to creative thinking, innovative ideas, and a hunger for taking Bold Action. 

When you play a purpose-driven ‘Bigger Game’ everyone becomes a winner.




Well, Well, Well …. Which Well are you drinking from: The Well of Disillusionment, Disappointment and Despair or the Well of W.isdom E.nlightenment L.evity and L.aughter?

Work isn’t meant to be a series of Negative Experiences! 

Work can be Enjoyed. 

Life is meant to be Engaging! 

Life is meant to be Fun!

Your audience will learn the secret of shifting their negative habitual thoughts to a more positive outlook on work and life. 

This is the ideal program to re-engage everyone to be WELL!

What’s L.O.V.E. (in the workplace) Got to do with it



Why should employers care about L.O.V.E.? Employees should just do their jobs and get along with each other – right? 


People want to feel the love, appreciation and recognition when they go to work.

Loving Oneself Valuing Everyone is the new mantra in workplaces today.

This interactive program gets people to  see each other in a different way. This dynamic session will open the eyes, ears and hearts of companies to the value that L.O.V.E. has in the workplace.

Stress-Less, Smile-More


  More than ever, employees are stressed out, disengaged, and unsatisfied with their jobs. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Who says you can't have more fun at work! Humor can help you be more productive, less stressed, and happier at work.

Stop stressing and Start Smiling!


You'll learn powerful strategies, tips and skills to proactively manage the stress in your daily life. 

Discover your personal 'stress-triggers', eliminate self-sabotaging  behavior, relaxation exercises and a deceptively simple "5-Senses" approach to minimizing stress in the moment. 




We created a 2-hour session for their Employee Development Day on 'Adapting to Change with Resiliency and Energy'.  

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 program to meet the specific needs for your next Conference, Retreat, or Training. 



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