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Infusing Work with Passion, Purpose and Play



 The secret to long term, consistent success for organizations  is to have passionate workers that are consistently working towards meaningful goals that align with corporate values and mission. 

 When an employee is passionate about what they do, they consistently look for better ways to improve themselves, their role, and the business in general. Passionate employees are happier, more productive and more loyal.

Our programs help reignite passion for long-term employee engagement.

Click below for our 'Top 10 Ways to Reignite your Workforce'.

top 10 ways


Employees today - more than ever - are looking for a sense of purpose in their work.   Purpose boosts capacity to make the greatest impact at work and to connect with people across cultures and contexts. People feel energized, motivated and expanded when they have a sense of purpose. 

The greatest sense of purpose comes when both the organization is able to connect what the employee does to the impact they are having and when the employee shows up with an open mind, ready to contribute and give it their all. 

Our programs help employees find purpose at work through uncovering their core strengths and intrinsic motivations. 

top 10 Questions
Staff at the City of Los Angeles playing the 'Marshmallow Challenge' in a team-building workshop.


Studies show that companies that use humor and a positive fun culture to brand their business, attract and retain employees and create  loyal customers.  It encourages interaction and brainstorming of new ideas that leads to greater productivity.

It also stands to reason that if you're in a more jovial atmosphere, you'll have more passion for what you do and your enthusiasm will likely be contagious. 

Our programs incorporate an aspect of playfulness that make learning fun! 

Click here for our 'Top 10 Benefits of Humor at Work' 

Top Ten Ways to Play at Work


Professional Development Training & Management Coaching


 We believe professional development is an ongoing process and practice. The most succssful organizations devote resources to their 'L&D' needs.

 All of our client engagements are customized to address your specific needs.  Our approach is multi-pronged; needs assessment, program development, training, coaching, and follow-up.  

We have expertise in leadership training, building  effective communication skills, team-building, creating exceptional customer service and others.




Diana Bonilla, EAP; Los Angeles Mission College

"This workshop was a great hit! Part I was so effective we already have had some powerful action items develop. For example, the group is committed to starting our first LAMC Collegiality Club for Staff and Faculty. Counseling will host the first activity of coffee and doughnuts sometime this month and then Financial Aid will do the 2nd one in December. The plan is to rotate it among different departments to give us all a chance to build relationship and network and show appreciation. This was all possible thanks to the wonderful facilitation of Dr. Contente.  

Professional Development

Diversity & Inclusion Awareness


In today's diverse workplaces, HR and leadership need to be aware of the challenges in creating at atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance.

 Our sensitivity training addresses the top issues such as bias, stereotypes, micro-aggressions and behavioral blindspots, through guided exercises and activities in a safe and non-threatening way.

Participants are challeged to acknowledge their own  unconscious biases and commit to specific action steps to create a more inclusive and respectful workplace   


Irma Guillen, HR Director; Tristar Group

"Diversity in the workplace is a growing variable that if not managed correctly can lead to less than productive work environment. Ellen's "Diversity” training identified employee attitudes and perceptions that are counterproductive, both personally and professionally, and introduced employee behaviors that can lead to better communication and relationships at work. Ultimately, Ellen's "Diversity" training reinforced our Company's efforts to create a more positive work environment where respect and positive  communication are the norm. Thank you, Ellen, for helping us convey this message in such a heartfelt and constructive manner!"



Wellness Programs


Employees that engage in Corporate Wellness programs are healthier, happier, and more engaged at work.  

The challenge is that most employees don't see the value in  participating in their companies wellness programs.  Many don't want to take the time

Our Wellness programs are custom designed to meet that challenge. We conduct 'micro-sessions' in  mindfulness, guided-meditation exercises, and bio-feedback that everyone will benefit from; along with facilitating healthy lifestyle classes. 


Laura C. Wesmoreland, Senior Account Manager; Managed Health Network

"I just attended a workshop facilitated by Ellen Contente for the City of Los Angeles.  She was AWESOME!
Very engaging with a great energy.  The participants really liked her and
the 'Wellness Committee' complimented her style. She is their go-to trainer for all their Wellness topics; Fitness, Healthy Living, Mindfulness, Managing Stress and others." 

Wellness Programs

Here's what our Clients are Saying

Maria Carrion- Minger, HR Director; SalonCentric

 Dr. Ellen Contente is by far the best trainer I have had the experience of working with. She was able to really connect with the team, provided rich exercises and discussion and delivered a superb training experience overall. 

Elaine Marie-Tragni, CEO; WorklifeInstitute

 Dr. Contente facilitated seminars for our Fortune 100 clients. She is a consummate professional delivering an exceptional training for the client. She has excellent customer relations instincts. I can recommend her without any reservations. 

Tracy Kerr, AVP, HR; Art Center College of Design

 I have used Dr. Contente for a variety of training's. Our staff really enjoy how she presents and makes the topics fun and informative. She is easy to work with and works with me to customizes her training to our environment and participants. 

Ellen Armenta, Former VP; Balancing Lifes Issues

 I have worked with Dr. Ellen Contente for over five years in her role as a corporate trainer. She is a trainer's trainer - she puts her heart and soul into her training and clients routinely ask for her to return. She weaves just the right amount of personal stories and expertise into her seminars, while engaging the audience in a compassionate and thoughtful way. 

Candi Judd, H.R. Director; WMWD

 Dr. Ellen Contente has facilitated several employee workshops for Western which center around topics including respect in the workplace, how to manage change, and diversity and inclusion. Her presentations are relevant and up-to-date and very thought provoking which lends to active staff engagement. I highly recommend Dr. Contente to bring her specialty heart-centered program workshops to your organization. You won't be disappointed. 

Jacqueline Romero, Asst Director of Student Services; Pacific Oaks College

 Pacific Oaks College has worked with Ellen Contente for our staff and students. She has conducted several workshops from categories of Personal Development and Behavioral Health and Wellness. She is very well versed and knowledgeable of the topics. She is passionate about the work she does and we can see it through her presentations. 

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